Teeth Cleaning

Regular dental hygiene visits are vital for people of all ages. Hygienists are able to use specialized tools to deep clean your teeth in ways that an ordinary toothbrush cannot, and maintaining your oral hygiene can help prevent a variety of other health problems.

Waimea Smiles provides a full range of hygiene services.

How often should I go to the dentist?

For most patients, two dental hygiene visits per year is perfect. This gives us the opportunity to remove plaque and tartar build-up from all of your tooth surfaces.

For patients experiencing periodontal disease, we sometimes recommend more frequent visits. The more specialized cleanings for periodontitis allow us to help you have healthier teeth and gums by removing the plaque and bacteria that can get trapped below the gumline.

What else happens at a hygiene appointment?

Hygiene visits also include a dental exam, and an oral cancer screening. We recommend annual x-rays, which can help us to find cavities before they’re visible to the naked eye. In kids, x-rays also help us to see their incoming permanent teeth. You can also add a fluoride treatment to your cleaning. Applying fluoride to your teeth strengthens the enamel, which helps to prevent cavities and decay.